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Coast Home Care Testimonials

To the wonderful people who work at Whitebriars. I would like to express my admiration for the many ways in which you care for the residents. It seems everyone I have heard about has gone above and beyond to look after my Mum. I am only sorry that I never got to meet you all in person.  Knowing you were all looking out for Mum made it more bearable during these awful times.  I will never forget your kindness, I cannot thank you enough. Heartfelt thanks to everyone of you. Maggie July 2021


Maggie - July 21

For all the staff at Whitebriars, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the love, care and support you give my sister on a daily basis.  My sister has found her sanctuary when needed most, for this I will be eternally grateful to you all. Thank you for the support and patience you have extended to me on the other side of the world. Much love and appreciation to you all. 


Thelma - June 21

To each and every staff member at Whitebriars; We cannot tell you what it has meant to us that you all took Barb into your hearts and cared for her with kindness and compassion.  You are a remarkable team of people and we thank Barb's lucky stars that she was able to spend the years with you she did. Wishing you all good things for the future and of course carry on doing the good work.


Darryl & Nicki - May 2021

Just a line to say thank you all so much for the love and care you showed me while I was staying with you.  I enjoyed my stay and feel very much better for it.


Gerry - May 2021

Whitebriars demonstrate a level of care and empathy that's refreshing to see in these uncertain times. They have kept the residents safe and comfortable - my mother is very happy there. Pre-booked visits for the named visitors are well-organised and feel very Covid safe. After the face-to-face visit, 
I was able to look through the lounge window and see the amazing tea and cake selection laid on for their VE day celebration - everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.


Ron B - May 2021

I cannot express to anyone who is considering choosing a care home enough, that this may be the one for your loved one. They go absolutely above and beyond. They all care so much about each person in their home. Our mum is only 61 with dementia, deaf and partially sighted and everyone has been amazing. 
It was the hardest decision to make, to choose a care home, I honestly believe that we have made the right choice for Mum. She will get everything she needs and more each day here at WhiteCliff. I am absolutely reassured that our Mum is safe, well cared for and stimulated here.


Michelle - May 2021

Lovely staff and very friendly and bubbly, and looking after my dad very well. They work really hard and made me feel welcome. Thank you for your help. 5-star service. Lovely food, events and activities for everyone daily.


Natalie - May 2021

I was very nervous and unsure about looking for a home for my mum but the lady that showed me around was very friendly and made me feel at ease, she took her time to show me around the home and go through any questions.
The rooms were nice, light and homely and there was a singalong happening in the 
My mum has never been a social lady before and I didn't think she would get involved in activities but with a lot of persuasion they managed to get my mum involved in a variety of activities, it was so lovely to see photos of my mum on social media of Mum laughing and smiling and being engaged.

The office staff kept me updated regularly with everything i needed to know which was great because it made me at feel i could enjoy my break knowing my mum was safe and enjoying her holiday.

I cant wait for my mum to go back for a period for respite care where hopefully the mini bus trips will be up and running again.

I would highly recommend Whitebeach.


M.P - May 2021

Very helpful and friendly staff. Positive atmosphere throughout. My Aunt is clearly in good hands as she seems happy and contented and is full of stories. I am very pleased she is in a caring and supportive environment.


Nephew - May 2021

I can honestly say that I can't think of a better, safer or more suitable place for my mum to stay. The team at Whitebeach have consistently gone above and beyond for Mum since the moment she was even first shown around.

Nothing is too much trouble, and every member of staff has the patience of a saint. It must be such a challenging and demanding job, even more so since Covid, but they don't let that get in the way of making each day fun and enjoyable for the residents, and they always welcome me with a smile and a chat.

They've always put the safety of the residents and the team first. I'd like to thank everybody there for the care given to Mum; it's such peace of mind. She loves you all and often talks about the laughs she has, and that means so much to Mum, myself and our family.

100% recommended with no hesitations!


David - April 2021

My mother was a resident of The Whitebeach for the last few years of her life. In that time, she has been extremely well cared for by all the staff. They encouraged her to take part in all the activities, even though she was not sure she would be able to join in. Her great love of the outdoors was encouraged, walking to the duck pond, going out in the minivan to different parts of East Sussex, perhaps having a glass of wine or two!
The days that she remembers with fondness have been when the carers have spent time with her; eating fish and chips on the pier, having a cheeky ice cream on the beach or digging carrots up from their garden trough.
The staff have always been cheerful and welcoming both by phone and face to face. Thank you once again for your infectious humour and joyfulness.


Kim - March 2021

To all the staff at the Bexhill Care Centre, Thank you so very much for looking after S so well, I know she has been very happy with you. You all do an amazing job and deserve a treat (message came with chocolate treats).


Sylvia - March 2021

Thank you for the first class care given to our Mum during her short stay with you. 


Family of B - March 21

Just a thank you card to say how much I appreciated the care and kindness that you extended to my brother during his stay with you.


John - March 2021

The Whitebeach is everything we hoped a home would be for our Mum. There is always guilt and worry when you choose a home for a loved one, but we were so very lucky when we found The Whitebeach. The home itself has been made bright, cheery and happy by the personalised displays created by staff and residents. When you walk in, it feels like a cosy home. The staff know residents well, and this is noticeable as they move around greeting residents with affection. The pandemic was a frightening time, but The Whitebeach staff have been amazing. They have kept us updated, always put residents first, and continued to do all they could to keep it the loving, caring, dynamic environment it always is. I love to see the photos of Mum that they share - clearly happy and engaged, and most importantly for me, cared about. A wonderful home, with wonderful staff.


Annie - March 2021

Having had to move our Mum from another care home, we cannot believe the difference in care. Whitecliff go above and beyond. Mum always looks so lovely. There is always a huge range of daily engaging activities. We love seeing what the residents' are doing and this is always very evident on the Coast Care website. This has been invaluable during the pandemic. I just wish we had found this loving care home first. Staff are wonderful and nothing is ever too much trouble. Can’t thank everyone enough for giving our Mum the love and care she deserves.


Debbie - March 2021

Whitebeach and all the staff have been a lifesaver to me and my husband. It was such a relief to us to have my mother looked after in such a safe, warm, caring and fun environment. Whitebeach staff are highly experienced in dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's, and I can't thank them enough. Worth every penny!


Jane - March 2021

My husband has been a resident at this care home for several years; he has advanced Dementia, and the care he has received has been excellent; the fully trained staff are always kind and thoughtful, maintaining dignity for the patient at all times. The staff and management have kept the family fully informed of any problems that occur despite the challenging conditions during the pandemic. They have maintained lots of activities for the residents, and in normal times, there would have been outings in the minibus. There is also a large sunny garden for the residents to enjoy in the summer months.


Janice - March 2021

It is extremely difficult to relinquish the care of an elderly and frail relative when you have undertaken the task for so long, but everyone at The Whitebeach made it much easier than expected. I received constant updates and photographs, and I noticed proper cups and saucers at the tables - a mark of respect for the age of the residents. My relative was happy and so well cared for, and they made great strides in understanding how his dementia affected him. Thank you very much for making his final days worthwhile.


Lorraine - March 2021

 My mother has Alzheimer's and has been at the home for quite a while. Like most people, it is a massive decision to make placing your loved one in a care home. It became apparent that Mum was becoming a danger to herself and those around her and was a constant worry to all her daughters. Mum had been a career in a nursing home, and the one disease she was afraid of getting was Alzheimer's; she knew what was going to happen to her and hard it would be for family and careers.
Whitebeach has taken away any doubts or worries about her safety and her mental state. They have treated her with patience, dignity and love. There are always activities to stimulate her mind, they feed her better than I feed myself, and she always has good company. Physically she is always clean, smart and tidy.
I would happily recommend Whitebeach; their care, love and safekeeping of my mum have been excellent; they give me peace of mind.


Karen - March 2021

To all the wonderful staff at Whitebeach, for your unrivalled care to all of your residents. We can't thank you enough.


Jan and family - February 2021

Just to say 'thank you' doesn't seem enough. We will never forget all you did for our Mum. You looked after her so well, she said you were a lovely bunch and told us it was such a lovely place to be. She said if anyone ever needed to go into care this would be the place to go. Without  ALL of your hard work, dedication and compassion your home wouldn't be the same. Thank you all so much for everything you did for our Mum and for us.


Paul, Julia & Debbie - January 21

We wanted to thank all the staff at the Bexhill Care Centre who have been extremely kind, supportive and understanding with David, providing time to speak with him, he has nothing but praise for the staff.


Cindy - January 2021

What can we say, its been an awful year but you guys are just the best! Working in such stressful and scary times and always putting the residents first. Your care of John has been second to none and thank you just doesn't seem enough.


Chris and Sandra - January 2021

So glad my Mum is in a wonderful caring home now. Nothing is ever to much trouble for the staff. Well done to you all for what you have done and continue to do for all your residents


Debbie - January 2021

We know you are kind, caring and selfless as you look after mum so well - now so many more people can see the amazing work you do. Thank you.


Annie - January 2021

I just want to say an extraordinarily BIG thank you for all the care, support and love shown to Mum during her stay with you. I so wish she could of stayed!  Her emotional well being, as well as her physical, is so important and I know just how much she loved and appreciated every one of you and what you did for her (especially Andre and Grace). You have all been absolute stars and your kindness will never be forgotten.


Louise - December 2020

Thank you all so much for all your care and attention you have given me over the weeks. I am so grateful and I will miss you all.


Val (a former resident) - December 2020

Please convey our heartfelt thanks to you and your lovely staff. It really was so kind comforting and very much appreciated. Bless you.


Carol & Peter - December 2020

I honestly love working here Bill, these residents make me so happy and I am just so glad you employed me. From an employee


N - December 2020

We have been most impressed and really pleased by the way in which all of your staff have responded to us and have clearly demonstrated to us, their very high standards of care and concern in regard to my brother and in responding to our enquiries as to his welfare. 


John - December 2020

A big thank you for the care you gave to my Mum and the support you have given to my family in these hard times during Covid19. Carol and family.


Carol - November 2020

Thank you all so much for the kindness and work you do to keep my brother happy. We are extremely grateful for all that you do. Thank you so much.


Alec - Nov 2020

Really hard times people are going through at the moment. Especially not being able to see there loved ones. So pleased my mum is getting looked after by you guys. You are doing a wonderful job and me and dad couldn’t be more grateful.
Thank you x


Kes - November 2020

Every single member of the team (literally EVERY single one), always has a smile, is always chirpy and keeping thje residents happy. It's inspirational to see and so reassuring.  Seeing the pictures of Mum (on social media) smiling is priceless, and the phone/video calls are just what we all need. Thank you so much, we will see you once this is over.

A huge THANK YOU TO YOU ALL at Coast Care Homes. My great Aunt is with you in St Leonards and you all do such an amazing job. Alwasy such fun things going on. Thank you for putting such loving 'CARE' into your CARE HOMES. Every resident looks happy in every photo which makes all of us family members so happy too. Thank you so very much. You'll hear our applause in St Leonards from near New Romney tonight. Much love and huge gratitude for your hard work and dedication.Lovely to see Nan looking so happy and well. Thank you everyone at Whitecliff for taking such good care of her. This is a difficult time but our minds are at ease knowing she is being looked after so well.

Just wanted to say to the carers and staff at Whitebeach for the continued care of my father and the other residents. It is difficult not being able to visit but I know you are keeping everyone happy and safe.

Me, Hubby and kids will be clapping. Thank you for always looking after my Dad so well and your extended kindness to my Mum.

Whitebeach, heartfelt thanks for all your had work and dedication at the particularly challenging time. Very best wishes and our appreciation to you all.

To you and all you staff who are going 'above and beyond', we shall always be thankful.

Thinking of you all and realising that you must all be facing a great deal of pressure and anxiety. We shall be clapping for you at 8:00pm tonight.

Hugs and kisses to you, Sophie and all the girls and boys caring for our folk. 

It has been extremely difficult staying away, but knowing our loved one is in such safe hands has really helped.

With huge thanks to you all at this difficult time, you are all amazing.

Many many thanks for all you wonderful care and compassion you all show my Mum, and all the other residents.

Massive shoutout to all the staff and residents at all of Coast Care Homes. Danielle and Kevin, these people are amazing. The staff are the best in the business and I will be forever grateful.


Messages received throughout the Coronavirus pandemic - April 20

We cannot thank you enough for all the love, care and support you have given not only our dear Mum, but to us all as a family. The endless cups of tea, while we sat with her. Keep up your excellent care.


Darren, Sharon, Debbie, Phyllis - April 20

Thank you for all that you have done for my Mum over the last nine years, and the great care you gave her. 


Shirley - April 20

You work so hard to make all the residents so comfortable and happy. Knowing my Dad is being looked after so well means more to me than you know.


Gary - April 20

To Everyone at Whitebeach we thank you very much for looking after Dad for 5 years. You are all very special people.


Barbara, Tony and Family - March 20

I have to compliment your staff they couldn't of taken anymore care of all those lovely people. The residents are so lucky to have people like you looking after them.


Bus Stop Bakery and Tea Rooms Hastings - October 2019

Everyone from management, carers to housekeeping at Whitecliff is lovely, nothing is too much trouble for them. There are always lots of activities going on and the home has a lovely friendly vibe. I'm sad that Mum needs to move to nursing care but will always be grateful to all at Whitecliff for all they have done for her. 


Jane - October 2019

Couldn't be more grateful for the staff my grandma's care home. They always go above and beyond and now my grandma is happy again! (posted on instagram)


Amber - October 2019

Thank you very much for Mum's respite week. I was very impressed with the kindness and dignity shown to my Mum and indeed to all the residents.


Ann - August 19

You really do go above and beyond for your lovely residents. Wonderful care givers, I am grateful for the wonderful care you gave my Aunty. Thank you for all you do for the people in your care.


Sarah - July '19

I just wanted to say how impressed I was during my BIA visit yesterday to Whitebeach. The clients seemed happy to be participating in activities in the main room. RW and VJ were very helpful, professional and knowledgeable about the clients I was there to see and gave me the time to do my job.


PB - Senior Practitioner Social Worker, Adult Social Care July 19

We just wanted to say how grateful we are for the care you and your wonderful team gave C while he was with you, he is still singing!


Judith - May 19

It was lovely to see the residents interacting with the chicks  well done to the lovely staff at Whitebriars,for organising activities and creating special happy memories, for all who live there.


Christine - April 19

Kevan and I cannot put into words how grateful we are for your kindness and care you have shown to Mum. The stories and pictures you have shared with us have been very comforting. All of you are worth your weight in gold. As a family we cannot express our appreciation enough, keep doing what you are doing.


Kevan, Beverley, Haylee and Kimberlee - March 2019

Thank you for taking good care of Mum whilst she was with you, we have lots of happy memories including spending time at the caravan (holiday home).


Ian - March 2019

Thank you for giving C such a lovely and lively, homely environment. We really do appreciate all the support you gave her.


Hazel - March 2019

It was a difficult decision to move her from her home of 50 years, but we knew she was very happy in her new home. Thank you for all your love and support shown not just to MG but to the whole family.


Ian & Fiona - February 2019

It was a difficult decision to move her from her home of 50 years, but we knew she was very happy in her new home. Thank you for all your love and support shown not just to MG but to the whole family.


Ian & Fiona - February 2019

The staff at Whitebeach work so hard to make all the residents so comfortable and happy. And personally, making my parents comfortable. Knowing that they are being so well looked after means more to me than you know!


Gary - December 2018

Thank you for the care that you gave my Nan, especially in her last few days and hours, your professional and caring manner made a sad and difficult time more bearable.


Tony - November 2018

I thank heaven that I moved my husband to Whitecliff last year. A lovely home with exceptional staff. I can state the staff carry out their duties with love and care above and beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a loving environment for their loved one.


Barbara - October 2018

I visit a good few homes but its always a pleasure coming to Whitecliff and Whitebeach. Its the staff that make it special, its amazing.


Pete Prescott (regular entertainer) - Sept 2018

You support residents with inter-generational events, pets, plants and maintaining a sense of purpose in the elderly, which are all so important. And all undergirded with genuine love! All this helps to maintain dignity and joy in living, its so inspiring.


Amanda - September 2018

Thank you so much for giving my granny such great care and opportunities for living life!! 


Helen G - 30th July 2018

Thank you, thank you,thank you. What a wonderful surprise. Usually a day of mixed emotions. But thanks to the wonderful staff,we had a great time. Live music, dancing,lovely spread and anniversary cake. You have made such a difference to both our lives.


Barbara - July 2018

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the surprise birthday cream tea party you gave me and Mum. It was such a lovely thing to do and made my day so special. This is what makes you as a care home, and as people, the very best anyone could wish for. Your thoughtfulness and care is second to none. The best decision I ever mad was putting Mum in your care.


Helen - 18th July 2018

Thank you all at Whitebriars for caring for me, thank you for making it special, you all became like my family. Thanks also for the book of memories and photos of you all, this will always be treasured. My love always. Pat.


Pat - March 2018

I would like to thank all the boys and girls who looked after my lovely man. I never worried when I went away because I knew 100% that he would be well cared for, it was a great relief to me.


Rita - February 2018

Just knowing M has been in your care has given us peace of mind. We hope you are all aware of how much you are appreciated, your dedication, empathy, expertise and kindness will never be forgotten.


Hazel & Jackie - October 17

I wanted to thank you all for the splendid help that you gave my wife when she was firstly at Whitebeach and later at Whitecliff. Your professional but friendly loving care was very much appreciated.


John - October 17

Review: A very enjoyable visit with a couple of cups of tea. Thanks to all the staff for the way they look after Mum and their openness and friendliness.


Raymond B July 17

A big thank you for taking care of Dad, you are all very special people.  To all the staff at Whitebeach, thank you so much for all you do.


Barbara and Tony April 17

Mum needed to be moved to a nursing home due to ill health. We were sad that she had to leave. Throughout her stay the Manager and the team showed nothing but genuine warmth and respect for her. They had organised for her to come to my wedding in May by wheelchair and with carer. No hassle for them! They even packed her belongings and transported her stuff to the new home, saving my elderly Dad the stress. An absolutely excellent care home.


David B January 17

We would like to thank you for taking such good care of Dad.


Barbara and Tony November 2016

I am very grateful to everyone who helped my father, especially in his last days. It has been a great comfort to me to know that he was looked after so well by people who obviously cared so much. I am very glad we chose Whitecliff for my fathers last months.


Mike - October 2016

Danielle, Michelle and all the boys and girls at Whitebeach, thank you so much for all the love and care shown by you all to our Mum during her stay.


Nigel & Angelica - 11.10.2016

I wanted to write a letter of thanks for the care my dad received whilst he was at Whitebriars. Sally, Katherine and all the staff treated my dad with care and respect, meeting his changing needs with smiles, expertise and compassion. They really are an exceptional team of professional, committed caring people.


Tom Dussek

"You are all absolute stars that have brightened ours and Mums days and you will always stay in our thoughts. God bless you all!"



"The collective competence combined with the boundless empathy, sensitivity, humour and affection shown to us all has been wonderful".


M & G Trott

"Thank you all for showing the same love and care for Mum as she had shared with her family"


G Trott

"We visited friends at your home "Whitebeach" and wish to let you know that you and your staff came across as being kind, understanding, patient and attentive to your residents needs. We were so impressed by the staffs warmth and interaction (we will book our places now!!!).  The cleanliness of the establishment was exceptional.  You have a great team there, showing loyalty by the way that they communicated together and always involving residents.  A big Thankyou and please congratulate your exceptional team."  


Mrs A H and Mrs R W, Bexhill

"When, or if I needed a Care Home, I would be happy to live there myself" about Whitebriars. 


L A Osman

"Thank you for looking after J., she was so fortunate to find a lovely home like yours.  She was very happy with you all"



"Thank you for all your care and great kindness throughout my stay at Whitebriars.  I enjoyed the recent outing to Middle Farm and with good company and friendly faces, these coach outings are pleasant memories.  All these I treasure and hope to come again soon, I have gained friendships for which I thank you all.  So God bless you all and please accept my love and thanks"


Rose D.

"You are all such special people and do an exceptional job in the way you all show care, kindness and love to all residents at Whitebriars. You made mums stay a very happy and contented one and especially gave us peace of mind to know that she was in a happy and caring environment.  We will not forget you all, now that Mum has gone on to a nursing home"


Carol, Graham & family

"Friendly staff always obliging and efficient.  Management always accessible to speak to.  Activities and events excellent."


L Clasby

"Thank you to you and your staff for showing me around Whitecliff yesterday afternoon.   I was most impressed with the facilities being provided by Whitecliff and will be happy to recommend it to any of our clients who are looking for a Dementia Residential Care Home"


T L May of Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors

"Just to know that Mum is safe, secure and so well looked after without losing her personal independance is of utmost importance and we are very confident in Whitebriars ability and competence"


G Trott

"Care and attention very good indeed"


Resident Whitebriars

"Whitebriars is always clean and tidy, all the staff are friendly and easy to talk to and they look after Mum very well.  And the food is good"


D Johnson

From Satisfaction Survey:

Is there anything you would like to see different in the home?  
A cocktail bar on the roof
Would you like to comment on the home in general?
I would move in myself


P Morris

"Excellent care home - friendly, efficient, always helpful and extremely caring"


L Clasby

"Nicest in my time I have seen, staff very polite and kind"


Resident Whitebriars

"Thanks for the superb care you give to my Mum - it is nice to have the old, happy Mum back"


Sean Gaughan

"Very clean and tidy, all the staff are helpful and in the three weeks that Mum has been here she looks a lot better and has settled in very well and enjoys all the outings that are put on, and I would recommend Whitebriars to anyone who asks"


L Osman

"Very nice atmosphere, well organised and residents appear happy" Whitebriars


K Hitchens - Community Staff Nurse

"Very good and extremely warm and welcoming"


Resident Whitebriars

"I would like to express my gratitude to you and to all the staff at Whitecliff for the attentive and loving care my mother received"


L Marchant

"The whole family were most impressed with Whitebriars and we know nobody could have done more than you did"



"Mum seems so radiant and happy, thank you for all your care"


Mary Ralph

"It was nice to hear Mum was out enjoying an ice cream.  That is not our usual vision of the elderly in homes these days"


Bridie Gettings

"When my mother arrived at the home a couple of months ago, she was very poorly. Now, my husband and I cannot believe what a difference there is in her appearance and her attitude to life - she is a changed person"


Pat Lofting

"My mother has been living at The Whitebriars Residential Care Home for just over a year. There is a welcoming atmosphere and the staff are always kind and helpful. The meals are home-cooked and enjoyed by all!"


Dianne Johnson

"We felt we had to write and thank you and all your excellent staff for the very kind care and attention you give to Joan, who has improved so greatly in both her health and enjoyment of life since coming to live with you at The Whitebriars"


Sue and Peter Skinner

"You have done some great improvements at the Whitebriars, but managed to retain the caring and kind atmosphere of the house. We appreciate all that you have done and really value the pastoral care provided by you and the staff"


Alan and Maggie Pope