Creating Positive Outcomes

Arm Chair Travel to India and the USA

During March residents at Whitebriars 'arm chair travelled' to India and residents from Whitecliff and Whitebeach enjoyed a trip to the USA.

A delicious lunch of traditional chicken sag, madras curry and lemon and cardamon posset was on the menu at Whitebriars, while Whitecliff and Whitebeach enjoyed beef burgers, chips with coleslaw and a dessert of Mississippi mud pie.

Afternoon snacks were tasters of India and waffles and ice cream respectively.

Quizzes took place, interesting facts, reminiscing, residents arts and crafts while banners and flags decorated the living areas.

This regular activity of travelling the world from our arm chairs is looked forward to by all of the residents and staff every month.

The activities teams and kitchen teams have great fun working together.