Creating Positive Outcomes

More February Activities and Outcomes

As always we had a packed month of activities giving wonderful outcomes for all of our residents.

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday traditionally with pancake tossing, fun was had by all residents and staff as well as enjoying delicious pancakes with various toppings.

Whitecliff and Whitebeach had fun with a 'mocktail' afternoon. Various flavours of the non alcoholic cocktails were on offer for everyone to relish. Residents and staff dressed up in bright colours, wore flowers in their hair and flower garlands around their necks. Music and dancing was enjoyed by all.

All three homes got busy making food for the birds, fat balls were made in all shape and sizes, keeping the birds fed as we head into Spring.

The regular activities of playing with the Wii, parachute games, enjoying the garden, flower arranging, exercise classes, Art and crafts, enjoying a beer/wine, ball games, balloon games, indoor gardening, baking, tin can alley, playing the piano, hand and head massage, manicures, helping to prepare supper, basket ball, dominoes, connect4, sewing (this month some lovely felt birds), puzzles word games, quizzes and relaxing whilst enjoying the home dogs were all fabulous outcomes for all of our residents. 

We created a dignity tree to remind all of us how we all should be treated with dignity, respect and love. 

We were also very fortunate to be treated by Hastings 'Care2Share', who are a community charity making 'goody' bags for all care staff. They included treats i.e sweets, hand cream and pictures created by local children. Every single member of the Coast Care team appreciated the kind gesture.