Creating Positive Outcomes

More October Activities

There is no reason that our residents should get bored. There is always something available to join in, a large group activity, a small group activity, some one to one time or an activity set up just for the resident to enjoy by themselves for some quiet time.

Throughout this year we have missed our regular bus trips and visits to our holiday home, but we have still managed to be kept simulated and happy.

Looking back at the month of October there have been so many different activities to enjoy; birthday celebrations, walks to the park or along the promenade, an afternoon at the movies with popcorn and hot chocolate, help with the chores by helping to prepare dinner and supper, knit and natter club, ball games to encourage exercise and have fun, music therapy including singing and dancing, board games, an intimate dinner for two, arts and crafts including creating a large colourful wall mural, floor games, keeping in touch with families and friends via skype, baking and decorating homemade biscuits, indoor gardening, beauty treatments including nail care, parachute games, reminiscing chocolate tasting, going to the park to bird watch, weaving, quizzes, picture bingo, flower arranging, reminiscing using family photos to create a collage, preparing and enjoying Halloween celebrations.

We have also created a board in the living area which has many paper activities, crosswords, word search and quizzes available for residents to help themselves.