Creating Positive Outcomes

Our Wonderful Kitchen Teams

Across all of our homes we have passionate, enthusiastic and creative kitchen teams.

The homes work to a well balanced menu but also the kitchen teams are encouraged to be creative and to liase  with the residents and the care teams to find out what are particular favourites and dislikes and work with these.

Residents are also encouraged to help grow and assist preparing vegetables, fruit and they are often found helping to prepare sandwich suppers. All of the kitchen teams can be seen around the homes, not just working hard in the kitchens but chatting and interacting with the residents and getting involved in the cooking activities.

Traditional recipes are always enjoyed, beef casseroles, fish and chips, toad in the hole, trifle, afternoon teas and sponge puddings. But we also like to offer options for example prawn cocktail salads, curry's, chilli's and risotto's. We believe it is important to introduce and experiment with new recipes. New colourful appetising dishes encourage residents to have a balanced diet and keep well hydrated.

Unfortunately families and friends are unable at the current time to enjoy meals with their loved ones, we hope it won't be too long before this treat can be enjoyed by all.