Creating Positive Outcomes

Week beginning 1st June

For a limited period we have decided to temporarily cease to update facebook/instagram daily, instead we will be updating the website every week with what has been going on in our day to day lives throughout isolation at Coast Care Homes.

This week a lot of time was spent with residents in small groups and in one to one activities. 

We have been concentrating on person centred activities including a resident enjoying a pink bubble bath whilst eating chocolates! The ultimate pamper afternoon. One to one games, small groups of art activities, and even some brief trips to the park and sea front. 

We have been working hard together with our residents on personalising their bedrooms. Whether it has been making collages of family photos, or cat/dog lovers getting some new animal bedding for their beds, or making a display of fashion and modelling from years gone by. Staff have been  working hard supporting residents to make their rooms special just for them. We plan to continue this project throughout all of our homes.

On Wednesday we organised for an ice cream van to visit every home to deliver some delicious ice cream in tubs with a traditional flake. Staff and residents enjoyed the treat.