Creating Positive Outcomes

Welcome 'Gwen'

Our residents and day care clients love to have the therapeutic company of dogs that are regularly at the homes.

We have dogs that live at the homes, they come with their owner (accepted with the agreement of our management). We have dogs that are with us daily with their owners who work at Coast Care , and we have dogs that visit us regularly.

Sophie and Sarah have just introduced 'Gwen' their new little puppy into the 'Coast Care family'.  Gwen can be found tucked up quietly in the office in her basket, for all the residents and day care clients to enjoy.

One of our residents Dee is particularly fond of dogs. Sarah showed Gwen to Dee via facetime from her home before she was old enough to visit. Now Dee is loving having Gwen around to fuss over in the daytime.

Dee also has a special relationship with 'Buddy' who is at Whitecliff and Whitebeach everyday. She enjoys giving Buddy a bath and lots of cuddles. She even has a bed for Buddy in her room along with lots of doggie treats!