Creating Positive Outcomes

Other November Activities

In November we celebrated Guy Fawkes and commemorated our war dead. We held a celebratory 1940's party at Whitebeach that residents, day care clients and home care clients all enjoyed.

Staff and residents raised money for Children in Need by wearing their pyjamas for the day.

The regular activities that took place in our full and comprehensive activity programme also were enjoyed by all.  Baking, flower arranging, reminiscing, Posh Club, pamper and beauty sessions, music afternoons, art sessions (including Creative Minds and Drawing Life) quizzes, games in small groups and team games, puzzles and of course our regular bus trips from each home.

The bus took a small group of gentlemen from Whitebeach to the pub for a birthday celebration. 

Whitebriars went to a pottery and residents created some wonderful plates.

We endeavour to include one to one time with each resident, this can be within the home or a trip out and about to somewhere of the residents choice.

Finally we were thrilled for Nicole our activity co-ordinator at Whitebriars who passed her driving test. Congratulations.