Creating Positive Outcomes

Bright and Beautiful

Our maintenance team have continued to be busy looking after our buildings making them light, bright and an interesting to live in.

Whitebriars have a new reminiscing corridor. We have created a wall of framed National Railway holiday destinations, prompting lots of talk of past holidays and family visits.

With the addition of lots of war time memorabilia and magazine front pages from the 1950's, 60's and 70's, it has become a popular place to wander through.

At Whitebeach we have created a music corridor. There is a wall of framed album covers and a sensor which plays music as you walk passed, this has been to be a popular place to be!

Holly Leone, a wonderful local artist was commissioned to turn a corridor into a street scene. She added beautiful colourful flowers, bushes, a postbox, picket fence and lamp posts all leading to a 'park in the moonlight' area.  All of the bedroom doors now have vinyls to give the impression of the residents very own front door, with letter box and knocker.

We are all thrilled with the results! 

Well done to the Coast Care Team.