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1940's Reminiscing and Celebration Day

On November 20th we held a 1940's reminiscing, celebration day at Whitebeach. Residents and day care clients from Whitebriars, Whitecliff  and some home care clients came along to enjoy the day.

The event took place throughout the whole day. Firstly Residents got together in the fabulously decorated day centre to enjoy the singing entertainment from Jessica Wellard. We were happy to welcome families and friends who joined in with the singing and dancing.

Member's of the Royal British Legion were welcomed and joined us for a lunch of lamb stew, mashed potatoes and vegetables followed by delicious bread and butter pudding.

After lunch we held small discussion groups. We talked of everyones memories of their time in the 1940's including many war time stories. Some residents wrote their stories of their experiences throughout the war years.

The Land Army Girls came along in the afternoon, they talked about many items of memorabilia that were on display, as well as ending the afternoon with another good 'ole sing song.

The afternoon was finished off by a supper boxed in a ration pack which consisted of a corned beef or jam sandwich, and orange and a piece of chocolate.

A fantastic day was had by all that attended.

Sheila our lovely home care client said "this is just wonderful, I have had the best day, I cannot thank you enough".

We plan to repeat this event in the new year.