Creating Positive Outcomes

Coast Care Homes Arts and Crafts in January

Our on-going activity programme includes plenty of arts and crafts. 

Residents and day care clients really enjoy creating their works of art for displaying around their home. We have art gallery at Whitebeach where many pieces of work can be seen.

Creative Minds continue to visit all three homes regularly. Sarah runs the sessions with the help of our activity co-ordinators. This month the residents work included the theme of 'Love', with Valentines in our thoughts. Residents talked about what/who they loved, they then created wonderful, colourful window decorations. At Whitecliff a beautiful window decoration 'Jazz beside the Sea' was created. This was a sunset at the beach with birds flying above the waves.

We also are very fortunate to have regular sessions run by 'Drawing Life'. This life drawing activity has an extremely positive effect on our residents. The sessions enjoy a calm, quiet atmosphere where residents get lost in their work, it is quite joyful to observe.