Creating Positive Outcomes

Halloween at Coast Care

Whitebriars, Whitecliff and Whitebeach all celebrated Halloween in their different ways.

All three homes enjoyed carving pumpkins which were lit up to enjoy in their homes.

Arts and crafts sessions were spent making paper mache bats and black cats which our resident black cat 'Paddy' at Whitecliff particularly enjoyed!  We also made colourful lanterns to hang from the ceiling.

Whitebriars enjoyed a visit from 'Spooktacular', a live music duo who had residents and staff singing and dancing for the afternoon.

Whitecliff enjoyed a three course evening meal of pumpkin soup, chicken casserole followed by syrup sponge with blood custard, this was all enjoyed by pumpkin candle light.

Staff brought in their children and grandchildren for 'trick or treat', where lots of treats were handed out.