Creating Positive Outcomes

Armed Forces Day

On October 26th we celebrated our own Armed Forces Day. The event was held at Whitebeach with residents from Whitebriars and Whitecliff coming to join in the fun too.

Our celebrations coincided with the up and coming centenary marking the end of WW1.

We decorated the day centre with Poppies, spitfires, tanks and war memorabilia.

The fun packed day started early. Residents, day care clients and staff dressed up, some wearing nurses uniforms, others as land army girls and some wore military style hats that residents had previously made.

Live entertainment from Jessica Wellard was enjoyed by everyone in the morning, she sang old war time songs that everyone recognised and could sing and dance to.

A traditional lunch of 'Pie and Liquor' was served with a beer. Bread and butter pudding was served for desert.

In the afternoon everyone enjoyed welcoming 'The Land Army Girls', who brought with them many items of memorabilia which introduced lively discussions. They also entertained us with singing and dancing.  Staff members brought in some family pictures and war medals and were able to offer one to one discussions which were greatly enjoyed.

Supper was served in ration boxes which were created by the residents earlier in the week. They included a corned beef sandwich, pickled egg, a pork pie, an orange and squares of chocolate.  Residents enjoyed watching an episode of 'Dads Army' as they ate.

The day was so successful, we plan to make it a yearly event.