Creating Positive Outcomes

Our busy maintenance team...

Our wonderful maintenance team continue to work very hard looking after our three homes.

As well as maintaining the buildings the team work hard on new exciting projects. They have recently completed new staff rooms at all three homes. 

Whitecliff have a new office and hall area as well as decorated corridors with colourful 'front doors'. The "London" themed area has a new '10 Downing Street' front door.

Whitebriars have recently had their hall way area decorated, its looking warm and welcoming. The downstairs corridors have been decorated using reminiscing wall paper, there is also a 'This is our happy place' wall full of photos of the Whitebriars 'family'.

Whitebeach 'quiet' lounge is a calm and peaceful place to spend time. The new decor includes several reminiscing items including a working radiogram which is listened to everyday. Several areas of the building now exhibit our residents works of art. We are excited to soon be embarking on the project of replacing the kitchen and decorating  the day centre.