Creating Positive Outcomes

Pets at Coast Care Homes

With the discretion from the home managers we encourage residents to bring their pets with them when they come to stay at one of our homes.

We have two lovely fish tanks full of colourful fish which residents find relaxing and calming to sit and watch.

At Whitebriars we have two cats that live with us Baxter and Jess. They enjoy extra fuss from all the residents and staff. The manager regularly brings in his dogs, Teddy and Muttley. Both dogs love to visit for extra cuddles, our residents look forward to their visits and will join them on their walks along the sea front.

At Whitecliff and Whitebeach our activity co-ordinator brings her dog Buddy to work with her everyday. Buddy really is a big part of both homes. Our residents have all got to know and love him.

The owners dogs Geoffrey and Carlos also visit regularly. Carlos enjoys being a lap dog, however hold on to your biscuits when Geoffrey is around!