Creating Positive Outcomes

Grease is the word.......

Our residents at Whitebeach and Whitecliff enjoyed a day of 1950's fun by enjoying a day of 'Grease' fun.

In the weeks leading up to 24th August, our residents and day care clients enjoyed plenty of activities designed to link to the iconic film 'Grease'.

Arts and crafts, reminiscing, music and dancing, and dressing up were enjoyed by all.

The day started by transforming the day centre into a cinema for the morning. Watching Grease with popcorn and 'pop', residents enjoyed singing along to the well known songs. We then had a wonderful fun party with a singing entertainer, and 1950's music. Everyone danced the afternoon away, stopping only to have a hot dog or two washed down with milk shakes and fizzy pop!  All residents, day care clients and staff had a wonderful fun day.