Creating Positive Outcomes

We are so proud of our our new CQC reports.

In December 2016 both Whitebriars and Whitecliff had their CQC report inspection.

We are all thrilled at Coast Care with the results. 

Here are a selection of some of the quotes from the inspectors written in the reports:

'The service had a positive culture that was person-centred, open, inclusive and empowering. It had a well developed understanding of equality, diversity and human rights and put these into practice.' - Whitecliff

'From our observations, we could see the service had a strong, visible person centred culture where people were at the heart of everything. Staff and management were fully committed to this approach and found ways to make it a reality for each person using the service' - Whitecliff

Staff had a good understanding of people's needs and treated them with respect and protected their dignity when supporting them. People we spoke with were very complimentary about the caring nature of the staff. People told us care staff were kind and compassionate. Staff interactions demonstrated staff had built rapport with people and they responded to staff with smiles'. - Whitebriars (Homecare)

'Staff relationships with people were strong, caring and supportive; people were relaxed in the presence of staff and appeared to be very happy. Staff were very attentive and had a kind and caring approach towards people.' - Whitecliff

Relatives told us, "It's really good, they're always doing things to keep residents stimulated" and "There's always something going on, residents have a better social life than I do!" - Whitecliff

The managers got people to help them with simple tasks and took time to entertain people. One person told a manager "You're wonderful". Staff told us, "Staff provide very good care", "We're one big family" and "You can't work with people and not be like family." Our observations in the main lounge area was that the room was buzzing,  people were smiling and animated as they were engaged in the variety of activities going on. Staff treated people like family and gave them appropriate hugs and kisses, which was greatly appreciated by the people concerned. - Whitecliff

'Where people demonstrated behaviors that might challenge others, staff and the managers responded in such a way that tensions were immediately diffused. Staff consistently demonstrated kindness and compassion and people responded positively to them' - Whitecliff

A range of activities were available for people to participate in if they wished and people enjoyed spending time with staff. Activities were provided five days a week and were in line with people's preferences and interests. People enjoyed the activities and there was a lively and fulfilling atmosphere in the communal areas. - Whitebriars (Homecare)

One person said, "Such lovely staff and I feel its's my home", and another person said, "Every staff member is kind and respectful and I have friends here. "A visitor said, "Very kind, friendly and homely." - Whitebriars (Homecare)

Staff strove to provide care and support in a happy and friendly environment. We heard staff patiently explaining options to people and taking time to answer their questions. We also heard laughter and good natured exchanges between staff and people throughout our inspection. One person said, " We love to laugh", another said "Very Lively". Whitebriars (Homecare)