Creating Positive Outcomes

An insight to some of the sensory experiences in our homes.

At Coast Care Homes we are aware of the importance of sensory stimulation for our residents wellbeing.

We continually strive to make all of the social and communal areas interesting with engaging and thought provoking wall art and decor.

We change themes and ideas to respond to our residents needs to all that they see around them.

As well as the corridors, lounges, dining rooms and the day centre being visually bright and stimulating we have various music from the decades playing for all to enjoy.

We have pictures of memorable well known events, figures and places. Colourful and stimulating wall art. Handmade wall hangings and bunting which are soft to touch and beautiful to look at. We have Murals and wall art that we have had commissioned which encompass Coast Care's beliefs and values. And of course we have lots of art work on show created by our residents with the help of Poppy our Activities Co-Ordinator.