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News and Events 2017

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Christmas Day

Whitebriars Residential Care Home looking wonderfully festive for Christmas.We had a wonderful Christmas day at all three of our homes.Santa came to deliver Christmas gifts to each and every resident. Coast Care's gifts are bought with each individual in mind. Gifts ranged from a microphone and amp for a resident who enjoys singing at every... READ MORE >>

Preparing for Christmas

Fun with the residents on the lead up to Christmas at Coast Care Homes, Whitebriars, Whitecliff and Whitebeach Care Homes Bexhill on Sea, St Leonards on Sea East Sussex.Many plans were made to celebrate Christmas at Coast Care Homes.Plenty of arts and crafts took place to make our homes look like magical grottos! Residents also enjoyed helping to  put up the traditional Christmas decorations.Trips to the theatre took place, we had... READ MORE >>

Children in Need 2017 Pyjama Day

Staff had fun dressing in their pyjamas for charity. Coast Care Homes, St Leonards on Sea and Bexhill on Sea East Sussex, raised money by staff and residents staying in their pj's all day.Friday November 17th was 'Children in Need' Day.All of our care homes participated in helping to raise funds by staff and residents wearing their pyjamas for the day.We transformed our lounge's into cinemas as residents enjoyed an afternoon of watching films and eating... READ MORE >>

Lest we forget November 11th 2017

'We Remember Them' Remembrance activities held at Coast Care Homes, Whitebriars, Whitecliff and Whitebeach Bexhill on Sea and St Leonards on Sea East Sussex.We all reflect on past wars and conflicts on Remembrance day.At Coast Care Homes residents and day care clients made poppies to decorate their home in their arts and crafts sessions.Small reminiscing groups were held for residents as well as one to one sessions.On... READ MORE >>

Firework Night

Firework display at Whitebeach Residential Care Home, Specialist Dementia Care, St Leonards on Sea, Hastings Sussex.November the 5th would not be the same without a firework party at Coast Care Homes.Residents, staff, families and friends gathered at Whitebeach in St Leonards, Hastings to watch the display.  Wrapped up to keep warm some of the brave ventured outside onto the... READ MORE >>

A taste of October Activities

On of our residents became a zoo keeper for the day. This is a wonderful outcome for a resident from Whitebriars Care Home Bexhill on Sea Sussex. Specialist Dementia Care.At Coast Care Homes we continually strive to give our residents positive outcomes.Our activity co-ordinators work hard to create an activity programme for group activities and one to one activities that are appropriate for each individual resident.Through October our... READ MORE >>

Halloween at Coast Care Homes

Halloween fun flower arranging at Whitebriars Residential Care Home Specialist dementia care, Bexhill on Sea SussexOctober wouldn't be complete without having a Halloween party.Themed art activities were held all through the month to create wonderful decorations throughout all three homes.Spooktacular visited Whitebriars, residents enjoyed the musical afternoon dancing and singing... READ MORE >>

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Mad Hatters Tea Party held at Coast Care Homes, Whitebeach and Whitecliff.Whitebeach and Whitecliff held separate 'Mad Hatters Tea Parties'.Residents spent the previous weeks before the event, making not only their 'Mad Hats' but decorations which were adorned around the lounge and day centre.Tea, cake, fun, games and dancing along with our... READ MORE >>

Zoolab Visit Whitebriars

Zoolab came to visit Whitebriars Care Home, specialist dementia care. Residents loved meeting the various creatures.Zoolab came to visit us at  Whitebriars.All of our residents really enjoyed the visit, they were able to hold and touch the many creatures.Joe has rescued all of them, he has brought them back to health and now enjoys showing them to people in the community.He... READ MORE >>

Grease is the word.......

1950's themed party based on the film Grease was held at Coast Care Homes, Specialist Dementia Care, St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, Sussex.Our residents at Whitebeach and Whitecliff enjoyed a day of 1950's fun by enjoying a day of 'Grease' fun.In the weeks leading up to 24th August, our residents and day care clients enjoyed plenty of activities designed to link to the iconic film 'Grease'.Arts and crafts,... READ MORE >>

Student Volunteers visit Coast Care Homes

Students visit Coast Care Homes, Specialist Dementia Care Homes, St Leonards, Hastings, East Sussex, as part of their National Citizen Service AwardStudents from Bexhill Hive came to Coast Care Homes to do some voluntary work as part of their National Citizen Service Award.They created a charity 'Old but Gold', which they fund raised for prior to coming to spend time with us.The Students worked closely with our... READ MORE >>

Making the most out of the sunny weather

Residents have a walking bus that leaves Whitebriars Residential Home Bexhill on Sea most days along to the sea frontOur bus continues to take our residents out and about three times a week from each home, whatever the weather.Our wonderful summer this year has allowed us to enjoy the outdoors, not only in our home gardens but we have managed to take the bus to areas where we can enjoy... READ MORE >>

Whitecliff Hawaiian Summer Party

Whitecliff Residential Care Home Hawaiian Summer party, Coast Care Homes, St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, SussexOn August 6th we had our summer party at Whitecliff, this year the theme was Hawaii.Residents have spent the last month helping to prepare for the day by making lots of colourful pom pom's, a lemonade stand, posters, banners and paper pineapples.Flower garlands were worn... READ MORE >>

A busy couple of weeks of fun activities at Coast Care

Whitebeach daycentre is a buzz of fun activities, a typical morning at Coast Care.Life at Coast Care Homes is always busy.Whether you are a day care client or a full time resident they is always plenty to do.Our activity co-ordinators make sure that everyday an activity can be enjoyed by everyone. There are many group activities of baking, arts and... READ MORE >>

Whitebeach Summer Party

Residents from Whitebeach Residential Care Home St Leonards on Sea Hastings Sussex enjoy their Summer Party held in the sunshine in the garden.On Sunday 9th July we held a summer party at Whitebeach.This year we themed the party 'Wimbledon'. On the lead up to the big day activities in the home were centred on the party and its theme. Residents contributed with lots of arts activities  including making and... READ MORE >>

Whitebriars Summer Party

The sun shone for our summer party at Whitebriars Residential Care Home, Coast Care Homes Bexhill on Sea. Residence enjoyed dancing to the musical entertainment.Whitebriars held their summer party on Saturday 8th July.The sun shone all afternoon so this year all celebrations could be held outside in the garden.Musical entertainment was enjoyed by everyone, residents, families and staff  joined in with the singing and... READ MORE >>

We take our residents holiday!

Residents from Whitebeach residential care home, specialist dementia care enjoy a two night holiday with staff to a holiday camp.Staff took four residents from Coast Care Homes on holiday for two nights to a holiday park. This was the first time we have taken residents on holiday. It was such a successful trip we hope to repeat this on a regular basis.In the daytime we enjoyed games and time in... READ MORE >>

Day trip to Bewl Water

Residents from Coast Care Home Hastings Sussex enjoy a day trip to Bewl Water near Ticehurst Sussex.Some of our residents and day care clients took a trip on our mini bus to Bewl Water near Ticehurst Sussex on a beautiful warm June day.Residents have the opportunity to take bus trips from our three homes every week and occasionally we day a full day trip like this one... READ MORE >>

Pamper day at Whitecliff and Whitebeach

Pamper session for the residents of Whitecliff Residential Care Home Coast Care Homes St Leonards on Sea Hastings.We regularly hold pamper days for our residents at Coast Care Homes, it is always a popular activity afternoon.Both the men and the ladies enjoy foot spa's, manicures, massage, facials, hair styling and face masks.While residents enjoy the pampering treats of chocolates,... READ MORE >>

Its been a busy week at Whitebriars

Flower arranging is enjoyed by all of the residents at Whitebriars Residential Care Home Bexhill on Sea Sussex.Every week is a busy week for our residents at Coast Care Homes.  Residents have a full activity programme at all three homes. Many activities are held in groups but we also offer one to one time which is always beneficial and enjoyed.This week at Whitebriars we... READ MORE >>

Residents begin to prepare for the Summer Parties.

Residents at Whitecliff Residential Care Home specialising in Dementia Care spend and afternoon with paper mache in preparation for their summer party.The time will soon be here for the Summer parties at all three of our homes.Whitebriars are holding theirs on the 8th of July, they are having a traditional tea party.Whitecliff are having theirs on the 6th August, they are having a Hawaiian theme.Whitebeach will be... READ MORE >>

Easter Activities and More

Easter egg hunt at Whitecliff residential care home, St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, East Sussex, Specialist dementia care.We celebrated Easter weekend with an Easter egg hunt with the staff and residents.  Clues were given by Poppy our activities co-ordinator and with a carer the residents began the hunt for chocolate eggs.Plenty of arts and crafts took place on the lead up the the... READ MORE >>

Birthday Celebrations at Coast Care

All our residents at Coast Care Homes Specialist dementia are, Bexhill on Sea and Hastings Sussex enjoy a birthday cake at their celebration party.We always celebrate our residents birthdays at our homes.Each birthday party reflects the personality of each individual resident. For example a simple afternoon tea may suit one resident and party games and dancing may suit another. Recently we held a steak dinner party... READ MORE >>

Life Drawing at Whitebeach

Residents from Whitebeach Residential Care Home Specialist Dementia Care engaged in a Life Drawing activity. St Leonards on Sea Hastings Sussex.We were privileged to have a visit this week from 'Drawing Life'.Drawing Life aims to bring life drawing classes to people living with dementia, and exhibit selected work in public galleries.Residents who were believed to gain the most out of the experience, and who were... READ MORE >>

St Patricks Day

Staff and residents at Coast Care Homes, specialist dementia care celebrate St Patricks Day by having a wonderful party.St Patricks day was celebrated at all three of Coast Care Homes.The St Patricks Day party was however held at Whitebeach where residents from Whitebriars and Whitecliff were able to join in the celebrations too.Staff and residents were encouraged to wear green for the... READ MORE >>

Whitebriars Walking Bus

Our residents at Whitebriars Residential Care Home enjoy the walking bus to the sea front in the beautiful Spring sunshine.At Whitebriars we have introduced a 'Walking Bus'. This is a welcome change from taking the usual 'Coast Care Bus' which takes our residents on bus trips two to three times a week.Residents and staff  have been able to enjoy the beautiful Spring sunshine with a walk... READ MORE >>

First signs of Spring

Sunshine in the garden at the first sign of Spring at Whitebeach Residential Care Home, specialist dementia St Leonards on Sea Hastings SussexAt the first sign of Spring in March our residents went out into the gardens to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine.We have a wonderful large decking at Whitebeach which over looks the gardens for the residents to enjoy the view. The daffodils are just about flowering... READ MORE >>

Pancakes and Skittles!

Residents enjoying Shrove Tuesday at Whitebeach Residential Care Home St Leonards on Sea Hastings Sussex Specialist Dementia CareShrove Tuesday wouldn't be the same without tossing some pancakes!Our residents at Whitebeach enjoyed their pancake snack after an afternoon of  playing a game of Skittles. To work up their appetite the competitive game  was taken seriously and enjoyed by all... READ MORE >>

Activity Afternoons for the Ladies and Gentlemen

Our residents at Whitebeach Residential Care Home Specialist Dementia Care St Leonards Hastings enjoying a beer.Our full activity programme at Coast Care Homes is for both the men and women to enjoy together.  However we regularly organise activities for our residents separately.Our ladies enjoy an afternoon of pampering having their hair dressed, nails painted, massage and... READ MORE >>

Valentines Dinner and Strictly Come Dancing

Valentines day celebrated at Whitebeach Residential Care Home, St Leonards on Sea Sussex, Specialist Dementia CareOur Residents at Coast Care celebrated Valentines day with a Valentines dinner and Strictly Come Dancing evening.Residents from Whitebeach and Whitecliff were encouraged to invite loved ones for an evening of fine dining and entertainment.The newly refurbished dining... READ MORE >>

We are so proud of our our new CQC reports.

Some of our  staff team at Whitecliff Residential Care Home, specialised Dementia Care St Leonards, SussexIn December 2016 both Whitebriars and Whitecliff had their CQC report inspection.We are all thrilled at Coast Care with the results. Here are a selection of some of the quotes from the inspectors written in the reports:'The service had a positive culture that was... READ MORE >>

Our Talented Residents at Whitebriars

Wonderful colours created by the talented residents from Whitebriars Care Home.We have our own full time activities co-ordinator at Whitebriars who organises a full programme of fun group and also individual activities tailored to suit  each and every resident.'Creative Minds' visit us regularly, they help and encourage our residents to get... READ MORE >>