Creating Positive Outcomes

Our day trip to Knockhatch

The autumnal sun shone all day on our fun day trip to Knockhatch, Hailsham, Sussex.

Residents and staff were taken by Danny the bus driver and Poppy the Activity Co Ordinator to the park in the morning. Everyone enjoyed looking, stroking and playing with the animals. We  were all  able to see wallabys, ducks, donkeys, guinea pigs, chickens, Emus, goats, ponys, pigs, llamas, and much more. 

We all had a delicious lunch in the cafe before exploring the park further.

When we left the park we made our way back to Whitebeach and Whitecliff not before finding a cafe on the way home to have a well earned cup of tea. 

Lots of fun and laughter was enjoyed by all.