Creating Positive Outcomes

Nov, Dec, and Jan, Activities and Outings

Over the past three months winter has been very cold, dark and snowy, however this has not stopped us from operating a full and varied activity and outings programme.

The mini bus has still been going out three times a week to various destinations across the south east, and more often than not we have had the majority of the seats in it filled by our residents.

Of course as it has been so cold, the places we have been visiting have been mainly indoor venues, however we try our best to vary which Cafe's, Supermarkets, Shops, and Attractions we visit, and the routes we take to get there. The weather has mad for some stunning scenic drives along the coast and through the countryside, which has been thoroughly enjoyed by all our residents.

Our in-house activity programme has continue to run successfully throughout the past few months, with regular varied music, art and craft, and games workshops, along with activities on a one to one basis tailored to individual residents needs.

We are all looking forward to the nearing springtime, which will open up many more possibilities for the places we visit on our outings.