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Kevan and I cannot put into words how grateful we are for your kindness and care you have shown to Mum. The stories and pictures you have shared with us have been very comforting. All of you are worth your weight in gold. As a family we cannot express our appreciation enough, keep doing what you are doing.Kevan, Beverley, Haylee and Kimberlee - March 2019
Thank you for taking good care of Mum whilst she was with you, we have lots of happy memories including spending time at the caravan (holiday home).Ian - March 2019
Thank you for giving C such a lovely and lively, homely environment. We really do appreciate all the support you gave her.Hazel - March 2019

It was a difficult decision to move her from her home of 50 years, but we knew she was very happy in her new home. Thank you for all your love and support shown not just to MG but to the whole family.

Ian & Fiona - February 2019
The staff at Whitebeach work so hard to make all the residents so comfortable and happy. And personally, making my parents comfortable. Knowing that they are being so well looked after means more to me than you know!Gary - December 2018
Thank you for the care that you gave my Nan, especially in her last few days and hours, your professional and caring manner made a sad and difficult time more bearable.Tony - November 2018
I thank heaven that I moved my husband to Whitecliff last year. A lovely home with exceptional staff. I can state the staff carry out their duties with love and care above and beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a loving environment for their loved one.Barbara - October 2018
My husband has been a resident at Whitecliff since February 2015. All the staff at Whitecliff are very special, they all give 100% to the care of the residents. The home is warm and welcoming every time you visit. Kevin and Lynda (the owners) are very hands on and know exactly what's going on on a daily basis. I would not hesitate to recommend Whitecliff.Sharn - October 2018
I visit a good few homes but its always a pleasure coming to Whitecliff and Whitebeach. Its the staff that make it special, its amazing.Pete Prescott (regular entertainer) - Sept 2018
You support residents with inter-generational events, pets, plants and maintaining a sense of purpose in the elderly, which are all so important. And all undergirded with genuine love! All this helps to maintain dignity and joy in living, its so inspiring.Amanda - September 2018
For respite care - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the sensitive and loving care you gave him during this very difficult time for me. He has settled down well in his home environment and I am better able to cope with the challenges that his Alzheimer's inevitably brings.  Catherine - August 2018
Thank you so much for giving my granny such great care and opportunities for living life!! Helen G - 30th July 2018
Thank you, thank you,thank you. What a wonderful surprise. Usually a day of mixed emotions. But thanks to the wonderful staff,we had a great time. Live music, dancing,lovely spread and anniversary cake. You have made such a difference to both our lives.Barbara - July 2018
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the surprise birthday cream tea party you gave me and Mum. It was such a lovely thing to do and made my day so special. This is what makes you as a care home, and as people, the very best anyone could wish for. Your thoughtfulness and care is second to none. The best decision I ever mad was putting Mum in your care.Helen - 18th July 2018
Thank you all at Whitebriars for caring for me, thank you for making it special, you all became like my family. Thanks also for the book of memories and photos of you all, this will always be treasured. My love always. Pat.Pat - March 2018
I would like to thank all the boys and girls who looked after my lovely man. I never worried when I went away because I knew 100% that he would be well cared for, it was a great relief to me.Rita - February 2018
Just knowing M has been in your care has given us peace of mind. We hope you are all aware of how much you are appreciated, your dedication, empathy, expertise and kindness will never be forgotten.Hazel & Jackie - October 17
I wanted to thank you all for the splendid help that you gave my wife when she was firstly at Whitebeach and later at Whitecliff. Your professional but friendly loving care was very much appreciated.John - October 17
My family and I can't thank you and your amazing staff enough for all that you have done and been for Mum. I have so often been uplifted and heartened by the warm and loving atmosphere that is generated amongst your dedicated staff and residents alike. I have never doubted that Mum was in the right place, we are immensely grateful to you all.Jo - September 17
Review: A very enjoyable visit with a couple of cups of tea. Thanks to all the staff for the way they look after Mum and their openness and friendliness.Raymond B July 17

My mother has been at Whitebriars for almost five years. At first she found the loss of independence difficult. However, the staff were very caring and supportive of the whole family in the transition period and her health and well being improved immediately. I cannot praise the staff enough. They go out of their way to ensure residents keep active by providing activities to stimulate and there are regular trips on the mini bus.

Residents are kept clean and tidy and the staff seem to understand every individual's needs, likes and dislikes!
The family is kept informed of any issues and we are always welcomed when we visit. Whitebriars has a homely feel to it.Jacqueline C July 17
A big thank you for taking care of Dad, you are all very special people.  To all the staff at Whitebeach, thank you so much for all you do.Barbara and Tony April 17
'A very big thank you for all the loving care you gave my relative during his short stay', 'Both of you are my 'girls' forever thank you for being you'Hazel February 2017

Mum needed to be moved to a nursing home due to ill health. We were sad that she had to leave. Throughout her stay the Manager and the team showed nothing but genuine warmth and respect for her. They had organised for her to come to my wedding in May by wheelchair and with carer. No hassle for them! They even packed her belongings and transported her stuff to the new home, saving my elderly Dad the stress. An absolutely excellent care home.

David B January 17
We would like to thank you for taking such good care of Dad.Barbara and Tony November 2016
It's so comforting to know how well my Mum is looked after (as you all did with my father too), your staff are to be throughly complimented - they are really wonderful, you should be proud of them all.  I watch and observe with awe at the total compassion and patience they have. Thank you Kevin, you have a fantastic dedicated team - it means the world to me to know Mum is so well looked after.Sally - October 2016
I am very grateful to everyone who helped my father, especially in his last days. It has been a great comfort to me to know that he was looked after so well by people who obviously cared so much. I am very glad we chose Whitecliff for my fathers last months.Mike - October 2016
Thank you all so much for all the kindness and support you gave Mum during her time at Whitecliff. The care you provide is truly exceptional and you give a quality of life to the residents with a sense of fun and love. I felt Mum was a loved and respected member of the Whitecliff family. She was happy, safe and well looked after, my only regret is that I didn't move Mum to Whitecliff sooner!Debbie October 2016
Danielle, Michelle and all the boys and girls at Whitebeach, thank you so much for all the love and care shown by you all to our Mum during her stay.Nigel & Angelica - 11.10.2016
'I shall always be grateful to the team of carers who lovingly cared for Joyce and who went the extra mile beyond the call of duty in their efforts to assist us'. 'It was truly heartening and comforting to see the wonderful care given.' Heartfelt thanks to Sue, Lorna, Samantha and Anne for their thoughtfulness.'Lynn - 24.08.2016
I find it difficult to express my feelings of thanks and gratitude for the affection and care the management at Whitecliff and all your colleagues have given to Val.
During the time Val was with you I can honestly say that I have been confident that she has been cared for in a way that could not be bettered. It was re-assuring to me that all her needs were met, and exceeded, with genuine compassion and affection.
Naturally I am apprehensive about Val's new home, but you have given me support during the transition and that has made things easier for me.
Peter Low

I wanted to write a letter of thanks for the care my dad received whilst he was at Whitebriars. Sally, Katherine and all the staff treated my dad with care and respect, meeting his changing needs with smiles, expertise and compassion. They really are an exceptional team of professional, committed caring people.

Tom Dussek

"You are all absolute stars that have brightened ours and Mums days and you will always stay in our thoughts. God bless you all!"

"The collective competence combined with the boundless empathy, sensitivity, humour and affection shown to us all has been wonderful".M & G Trott

"I wanted to write a quick note in praise of  all the hardworking staff at Whitecliff.  My Dad has been there for two and a half years and the care and dedication I've witnessed amongst the staff there is second to none.  The patience, understanding and gentleness of approach towards all of the residents is something that's rarely seen. I have been a social work manager in dementia care for 14 years and only wish I could say that I saw the ethos behind the way Whitecliff is run on a more regular basis.  Thank you again for all the care you provide, it is so much appreciated."

B & S Wardle

"Thank you all for showing the same love and care for Mum as she had shared with her family"

G Trott

"Thank you for taking such good care of Mum last week.  Mum really enjoyed her "visit" to Whitebeach and hasn't stopped talking about you all.  Thank goodness there are kind people like you all around.  I don't know what we would have done otherwise.  Thanks again."

D & B Pask

"Just to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.  Don't know what we would have done without you."

Jane & Rosalind

"We visited friends at your home "Whitebeach" and wish to let you know that you and your staff came across as being kind, understanding, patient and attentive to your residents needs. We were so impressed by the staffs warmth and interaction (we will book our places now!!!).  The cleanliness of the establishment was exceptional.  You have a great team there, showing loyalty by the way that they communicated together and always involving residents.  A big Thankyou and please congratulate your exceptional team."  

Mrs A H and Mrs R W, Bexhill

"I was very impressed with the way the staff interacted with the residents, there is a lovely feel to Whitecliff and the staff are very enthusiastic and lovely with residents.  No one seemed rushed and there was an air of calmness.  Also I have never seen my Mum engage or interact the way I did when I visited, it was as if she had 'come alive' within herself and it is the happiest I have seen her in many years.  For this, I am truly grateful to the ethos and care she is receiving at Whitecliff"

Mary O'Sullivan
"We viewed quite a few homes, but Whitebriars was by far the best.  We are always very impressed by the outings and activities, an important factor in choosing this home.  We are confident that all of the staff are trained in Dementia care and that we do not need to worry.  Mum's room is always spotless and homely" I Molyneux
"When, or if I needed a Care Home, I would be happy to live there myself" about Whitebriars. L A Osman
"Thank you for looking after J., she was so fortunate to find a lovely home like yours.  She was very happy with you all"Rosina
"Thank you for all your care and great kindness throughout my stay at Whitebriars.  I enjoyed the recent outing to Middle Farm and with good company and friendly faces, these coach outings are pleasant memories.  All these I treasure and hope to come again soon, I have gained friendships for which I thank you all.  So God bless you all and please accept my love and thanks"Rose D.
"You are all such special people and do an exceptional job in the way you all show care, kindness and love to all residents at Whitebriars. You made mums stay a very happy and contented one and especially gave us peace of mind to know that she was in a happy and caring environment.  We will not forget you all, now that Mum has gone on to a nursing home"Carol, Graham & family
"A big thank you for your kindness and help, I am now back in my own home and miss my 'breakfast tray'!  Thank you all for your efforts to get me on my feet again."  Respite residentT Miles
"Friendly staff always obliging and efficient.  Management always accessible to speak to.  Activities and events excellent."L Clasby
"Thank you to you and your staff for showing me around Whitecliff yesterday afternoon.   I was most impressed with the facilities being provided by Whitecliff and will be happy to recommend it to any of our clients who are looking for a Dementia Residential Care Home"T L May of Gaby Hardwicke Solicitors
"Just to know that Mum is safe, secure and so well looked after without losing her personal independance is of utmost importance and we are very confident in Whitebriars ability and competence"G Trott
"On behalf of Mum and the whole family, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all the brilliant staff at Whitebriars for making her birthday such a special day for all of us.  The very special contributions from everyone, including those not there on the day are so appreciated by us all, and what a spectacular cake!  We will all remember Mums birthday for a very long time, thanks to the genuine warmth and friendship of the Whitebriars 'team'"the Trott family
"It's a perfect home and there is always things to use and when things have run out they always get replaced"A resident of Whitebriars
"Care and attention very good indeed"Resident Whitebriars
"I am very pleased with Dad's care at Whitebriars.  I am especially pleased with the outings and activities provided - Dad looks so much more alert and happy these days!"Stephanie Venus
"Whitebriars is always clean and tidy, all the staff are friendly and easy to talk to and they look after Mum very well.  And the food is good"D Johnson
From Satisfaction Survey:

Is there anything you would like to see different in the home?  
A cocktail bar on the roof
Would you like to comment on the home in general?
I would move in myself
P Morris
"Excellent care home - friendly, efficient, always helpful and extremely caring"L Clasby
"Dad has made a lot of progress since coming to Whitecliff, he hasn't been this well for a long time.  It certainly makes me feel happier knowing that his needs are being met"J Miles
"Nicest in my time I have seen, staff very polite and kind"Resident Whitebriars
"All staff create a caring, welcoming atmosphere and secure environment for residents and visitors alike.  The 'bus tours' are a very welcome addition"Geoff Trott
"Thanks for the superb care you give to my Mum - it is nice to have the old, happy Mum back"Sean Gaughan
"Very clean and tidy, all the staff are helpful and in the three weeks that Mum has been here she looks a lot better and has settled in very well and enjoys all the outings that are put on, and I would recommend Whitebriars to anyone who asks"L Osman
"Very nice atmosphere, well organised and residents appear happy" WhitebriarsK Hitchens - Community Staff Nurse
"Very good and extremely warm and welcoming"Resident Whitebriars
"I take this opportunity to thank you again for the care that you have given and I very much look forward to A's improvement now that she is receiving the high standard of care that she deserves"Lawson Lewis & Co (solicitors)
"I would like to express my gratitude to you and to all the staff at Whitecliff for the attentive and loving care my mother received"L Marchant
"When you are feeling down and blue,
And you don't know what to do,
When all around is changing too,
There is a place that you can go,
Where care and love is shown to you,
It's called the Whitecliff home."
E Price
"The whole family were most impressed with Whitebriars and we know nobody could have done more than you did"Gwen
"Mum seems so radiant and happy, thank you for all your care"Mary Ralph
"It was nice to hear Mum was out enjoying an ice cream.  That is not our usual vision of the elderly in homes these days"Bridie Gettings

"When my mother arrived at the home a couple of months ago, she was very poorly. Now, my husband and I cannot believe what a difference there is in her appearance and her attitude to life - she is a changed person"

Pat Lofting

"My mother has been living at The Whitebriars Residential Care Home for just over a year. There is a welcoming atmosphere and the staff are always kind and helpful. The meals are home-cooked and enjoyed by all!"

Dianne Johnson

"We felt we had to write and thank you and all your excellent staff for the very kind care and attention you give to Joan, who has improved so greatly in both her health and enjoyment of life since coming to live with you at The Whitebriars"

Sue and Peter Skinner

"You have done some great improvements at the Whitebriars, but managed to retain the caring and kind atmosphere of the house. We appreciate all that you have done and really value the pastoral care provided by you and the staff"

Alan and Maggie Pope

"No change is considered too big in keeping my Mother happy in her surroundings and she never fails to tell us that the staff are very caring and helpful. The whole atmosphere at the home reflects the professional and caring attitude of all concerned with my mother's care"

Mrs. Heather Harper